Thanks to Mickey Krivosh and the Staff at the Around the Corner Saloon & Café for their help with the Reunion festivities.

Thanks also to Charley Geiger for his help with our reunion activities.


By one of the early attendees of the Lakewood High Breakfast Club, Tony DiBiasio.
When I started attending breakfast at Gene’s, sometime around 2013 or 14, there was a group of about 4 or 5 classmates who organized these morning gatherings.  As I recall, Bob White, Clark Lander, Mickey Krivosh and Jim Burger were the one’s there from the beginning. They had been meeting around 6 times a year to connect with former high school teammates and friends.  The group just naturally started to grow with other members of our class making an appearance.  John Rustad, Ted Sulak and Bruce Giberson were a few of those who sometimes showed up to enjoy the food and banter.  Through word-of-mouth others popped in and out on occasion.  Mickey, I believe, had the idea to expand the group to a much larger level.  He recruited Norm for the task!  Norm created an ever-expanding distribution list of referred classmates from those in attendance.  From there the group took off in both the number of those attending and in the frequency of meetings.  Over the past few years, the breakfast group began to meet for every 3rd Saturday of the month.  Since then, we had been averaging 22-26 class of 70 grads at each breakfast.  Then COVID-19 hit.  Now is the time to restart The Lakewood High Breakfast Club.  If you are interested in joining us for breakfast, email your contact information to Norm Rados at to receive information about the next group breakfast.



Dave Buehler’s Templar Motors Factory Display is located at 13000 Athens Ave., 3rd Floor. -Suite 315, Lakewood, Ohio 44107. Their web site is . To get a glimpse of the display, check out the following video link: